by Names

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Recorded in the Pink House in November 2016 by Names.


released December 5, 2016

All songs written by Names. Recording by Andrew Labens and Mitch Bennett. Mixing and production by Mitch Bennett.



all rights reserved


Names Washington, D.C.

Psychedelic Rock.

Josh Miller
Andrew Labens
Mitch Bennett
Steve Gaudio

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Track Name: Into The Void
In between the upside down
You rarely hear me make a sound
And underneath the loss of ground
The loss of breath is all we found

Silent sounds awake the town
You barely feel me come unwound
And right beneath the loudest loud
We find our breath and breath it out

Step into the void
Let your mind employ
Step into the void

Heads begin to spin around
You steal your face right off my mouth
And right blow the tallest cloud
We breath it in and breathe it out
Track Name: Adult Trees
I can't believe my eyes
The trees are full of lies
How many rings can bring you home at night
I can't believe the leaves
Falling more than they seem
You can't see the forest through the trees

I don't feel the light
The trees are full of life
For something that feels so right
Now it's uprooting my mind

Adult tree planting

The trees, the shadows divide
The lines are harder to hide
The soil has never been dry
Our seeds grow into the sky
Track Name: Climax: Moonshine
I ain't got time
Just a little bit of money
I ain't got wine
Just a little bit of honey
I ain't got no one
But I got my mind
That time unwinds
These lines get wide
I ain't got no one

I ain't got lines
But lines got me
We'll feel so high
Looking through the weeds
You ain't got no one
Just you and me
Gettin hard to see
You're all I need
You ain't got no one

I ain't got kind
Just a little bit of fenty
We'll feel so wired
Like we're floating in the dead sea
We ain't got no one
Just take my lead
Gettin hard to feel
You're all I see
We ain't got no one
Track Name: Final Stand
The road unfolds
The castle's close
Caught in a glimpse of the eye
As we approach
The gates are open
Seems like just yesterday we tried

The north star's faint
We lost our way
Red light is colder than the blue
Then appears your face
Right out of space
To guide me across and on through
Track Name: Knuckles
I remember when
We were high
And the world around us
Feels so small
I can't feel my feet
When you're not here
It's just the simple things
That I need